How to Apply

How to Apply ?

To Apply for the First time Applicant has to be registered.

  1. click on New Registration
  1. Select the course for which you are going for
  2. Enter the valid email id
  3. click on “Send Registration link”
  4. A registration link will be send to you mail.
  1. Your will Received a link in your mail
  2. To complete the registration click on “Go to Registration”

  1. you will be forwarded to this form
  2. enter you name and contact number
  3. once done click on “Register” to complete your Registration
  4. A Temporary password will generated for you to login.
  5. Click on “Back to Login” or go to home page

  1. Enter your email id and password
  2. click on sign in
  3. this will take you to a new form.

  1. Now you will have to create profile
  2. Click on “Create My profile

  1. Follow the step form it will guide you
  2. Enter the Personal Details
  3. Click on “Save Next”

  1. Enter the Address Details
  2. click on “”Save Next”

  1. Enter the Address Details
  2. Click on “Save Next”

  1. To add academic qualification
  2. Click on add button for Matriculation row

  1. Enter all the matriculation information
  2. and click on add

  1. Do the same for HS information
  2. and click on add

  1. Academic Qualification example
  2. Enter all the mark of qualifying exam
  3. click on “Save Next”

  1. Enter the Bank Account Details
  2. click on “Save Next”

  1. Enter the Hostel information if Available
  2. click on “Save Next”

  1. Upload all the document
  2. click on “Save Next”

  1. Preview and Verify you information
  2. click on “Complete My Profile”

  1. once you complete your profile
  2. click on “Go to Dashboard”

  1. On you dashboard you can see all the course opening with details information
  2. select any course to apply by click on “Apply”

  1. Enter the Govt. Id you have created in DHE site. and upload the copy of govt Unique id.
  2. select your subject combination as required

  1. Combination selection Example

  1. you will have chance to select three preference
  2. after selecting your Subject combination click on “Apply”

  1. Accept the term and condition
  2. Click on “Make Payment”

  1. Your have successfully applied
  2. Download the Application

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